Are you a Youtuber?
Definitely you need
* Subscriber
* Video Viewers
to reach watching time/ increase earnings
* Like Video
* Comment Videos
* Share Videos

There are several ways you can get here
1. Cooperation of fellow YouTubers Action Exchange through the FREE subscribe exchange program - viral base
2. Paid services [coming soon]
3. Combined
We prefer provide our service in totally FREE even, how to make member may making money on our FREE business or no charge forever

Action Exchange:
Partnership Program between YouTubers in order;
1. Increase SUBSCRIBER Count
2. Increase the number of views/ watching
3. Increase reactional response like/ dislike
4. Improve your audience's interactive participation through comments, as well
5. Increase promotion through share
All of these activities will also provide income for you
Why this program is important
1. To qualify for YouTube monetization for unmonetised
2. Improve your showtimes and increase revenue for monetisation

What is the difference with manual cooperation program or any other subscriber exchange program
1. Relatively fast 2. Viral concept

If done manually, then you should exchange 1:1
To get a 1,000,000 subscribers you must subscribe to 1,000,000 channels anyway
If you subscribe to 1,000,000s channel is not in you will be crowded with millions of email notifications from YouTube said about new video upload information every day
Finally you will UNSUBSCRIBE, because it is saturated with email notifications from YouTube

Of course it is fatal for the channel owner also
Because their subscribers are suddenly exhausted

Will you be able to watch thousands of video uploaded on youtube every day?

Different with U-Tube Program
You/ as U-Tube member, maximum may only be subscribed to 30s other member's channel
You can only subscribe to tens channel to get millions of subscribers
It's possible due to the viral concept of 5 levels

As for members with small amount of subscribed obligations
They/ U-Tube Members who are subscribed will get a new video upload notification email from YouTube just a few
Possibility to follow up on email information about new video upload can still be followed up by watching it

With the U-Tube program, subscribers can earn big money
Although they do not have any video channel on YouTube
Because only watching YouTube videos on U-Tube
They all can make money indefinitely

It is obvious that U-TUBE pays attention to the correct benefits of an action
So the actions that the member takes is really beneficial for the long term even forever

In U-Tube program
You are guaranteed to get original subscribers and definitely a real human/ NOT a BOT
Many programs/ offering to increase subscribers and viewers out there
But most are the bot programs
Which subscribe or view you get is derived from a website script that runs to auto subscribe and view your Yutube video

In the U-Tube program
Subscribe to your channel and view video is really human
Therefore, in addition to subscribing to channels and your view/ watch videos, they will also give you an assessment of LIKES/DISLIKES, commenting and sharing to others